Monday, August 10, 2009


Wrote this a long time ago and figured it'd be blogworthy:

"MAYBE there's a lot of women out there that I hurt and MAYBE some of those same women did a number on me as well. But when I put all of that 'hurt' into a perspective - that 'hurt' could fit inside the head of a pin with room to spare.

MAYBE I'll own all the actions .. MAYBE I'll have to take responsibility .. MAYBE I'll learn to appreciate those experiences - so MAYBE, someday, I can make it all up to some lovely girl met either by chance, luck or by coincidence.

I don't know what the future holds, how long I've got or where the windows of opportunities are, but I do know it is a new year - and with every one, there's new chances for love.

Sorry to all the ones I hurt, but you've all moved on now-a-days, I won't forget to learn - but MAYBE learn to live with it ...

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